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Thema: Baath Partei zu den Entwicklungen im Irak

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    Standard Baath Partei zu den Entwicklungen im Irak

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    - On the Iraqi Revolution D-Day anniversary: The Iraqi Resistance forces the gates for Victory

    - Al Adhamya wall is yet another indicator on the Occupation collapse!

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    In the name of God the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful

    The Arab Baath Socialist Party

    One Arab Nation, with an eternal mission

    Unity, Freedom, Socialism

    On the Iraqi Revolution D-Day anniversary:

    The Iraqi Resistance forces the gates for Victory

    When the US announced through its collaborators in Iraq that April the 9th 2003 will be a national holiday, its colonialists imagination took into its head that the battle with the Iraqi people and its heroic vanguard has been postponed indefinitely and that the colonialist government era in Iraq has begun when the statue of all modern times martyr Saddam Hussein was brought down and that this era will go on for decades, and Iraq will become a strategic US colony whose importance will surpass with value all the US colonies in the Arab homeland and all over the world!

    But Iraq patriotic leadership and mainly its symbol and its genius brain, the martyr, master, Saddam Hussein was hiding for the US the worst surprise ever of all its bloodthirsty wars in the past, which was the Iraqi Armed national Resistance surprise.

    The martyr had warned the US before the invasion (that the modern times' savages will commit suicide at Baghdad's ramparts) but the colonialists hollow arrogance despised logic and reasoning and freed their rampaging monstrous cupid and expansionist appetite which blinded the eyes and blackened the hearts of the US elite, prepared and went on with invasion.. using the biggest and the most dangerous military machine in human history, and was able, through its extraordinary destructive capabilities to neutralize the known traditional weapons capacities, and reduce the duration of the Resistance of the simply equipped Iraqi armed forces to only 21 days instead of months as it was previously expected.

    However, April the 9th 2003 has witnessed an immediate and an automatic move to the second phase of the war, which is the popular liberation war seen in Baghdad fierce battles, in particular in intrepid Al Adhamya battle, personally led by the martyr, master Saddam Hussein. Later on, the Arab Baath socialist Party - Iraq leadership - issued official instructions to engage on April 10th-11th 2003 into a new war phase, the popular Resistance' war. Immediately after, the people of Iraq and its patriotic leadership snatched the initiative from the hands of the US and its allies, holding on to it and going ahead with the global Iraqi counter offensive against the Occupation and its collaborators, according to a different strategy.

    Today, four years after and on the anniversary of the occupation of Martyr Saddam's Capital City Baghdad, the picture becomes clearer and have brought down all the legends woven by US propaganda and lying machines, while rise floating in the highest the stunning truth built by the Iraq martyrs' blood and in particular Saddam Hussein's..

    So what this pictures tells us?

    1 - That Baghdad occupation was a deducible consequence of the Occupation forces' complete supremacy which owned and used the most able war machine in the history and most harming, in comparison with the Iraqi forces weakened by two grave wars, the first one was imposed by Iran and lasted 8 years (from 1980 -1988) was exhausting and highly costly and the second was imposed by the US through Kuwait in 1991) and was a world war in every metrics, led by the US and backed by forty countries where 28 armies were involved, including armies of large countries such as Britain and France, and was followed by a global blockade which prevented Iraqis not only from weapons but also from medicines and food, thus the invasion came in, after a quarter of a century of war and economical and technological attrition and the destruction of the infrastructures in order to totally bleed the Iraqi Armed forces in particular and all Iraq in general.

    Here we must remind that although France was a large and an industrial advanced country, it surrendered to the Nazi occupation in three days.. Scandinavia however, didn't even fight and surrendered to the Nazis considering that Nazi Germany's armies and weapons were primitive compared with the US arms when invading Iraq.

    2 - The lesson to be withdrawn from any war, is not whether the occupation takes place or not, but what happens later. If the occupation takes place and there is no armed Resistance, then it is the Occupier's victory with the fall of all the country in its hands. When the occupation however is followed or accompanied by an organized military or armed popular Resistance, the Occupation remains as such, i.e. occupation, must not be considered as the country and its capital City' fall, for in wars you can fight in many ways during which you can move from one strategy to the other and from one kind of war to the other, according to the war evolution' requests. This move or transfer may proceed in an organized way where no one can notice any aspect for a defeat or a failure. It may be also a non organized move due to the war surprises, giving the impression that there is a failure, a weakness or a deficiency. But despite the entire lesson to be drawn from a war it is when it ends and not from an instant of its cessation.

    The Iraq invasion war gradual unfolding, has ascertained without the slightest doubt, that the Iraq leadership has designed a plan B or a second phase which is a long popular liberation war in accordance with urban warfare guerrilla after the exhaustion of the Iraqi armed forces in the first phase.. This has been officially put into practice in the Party resolution dated April the 11th to start a liberation popular war. Based on this truth, and considering what the western enemy Media propagate and what some Arab Media repeats, that Baghdad has fallen is nothing but an enemy propaganda in order to belittle the heroic Resistance of our Armed forces, Saddam's Fidayeens, Baath militants and the sons and daughters of our people in the first phase of the war, purposely ignoring the greatness of the Armed Popular Resistance which started all over Iraq and with force immediately after the occupation of Baghdad.

    3 - The decisive element into defining the evolution of a war and who is to be a victor, is today's Baghdad situation example. Baghdad is a city forbidden to the Occupation and its puppets.. All the Occupation command, such as its ambassador, its embassy, its puppet government offices and the Occupation symbols houses are centered in a small area of Baghdad which is the Green Zone, any other areas resist and prevent the Occupation from entering them, or when entering to get out immediately or face ascertained death.

    One of the most eloquent proof of what we said is the attack incident which targeted the United Nations secretary general press conference… This has been witnessed on TV screens by the world over in astonishment and in admiration for the Iraqi Resistance capabilities. For the Resistance intelligence knew not only the location of the Secretary general with the Occupation government prime minister, Al Maliki, but knew too of the press conference precise timing, launching the famous attack. Consequently the Green Zone, in spite of being the main Occupation's and the puppet government's headquarters, is a fallen area in military metrics.

    Thus Baghdad the occupied Country Capital City is near liberated, and gives a precise picture for most of revolutionary Iraqi towns; this picture ascertains in all its aspects that the occupation and after four years, is getting more and more trapped into Iraqi sands admitting that it is facing the disaster of the failure; and that the Armed Resistance is undertaking operations which go far beyond what the Occupation admit, recognizing that it endures more than 140 attacks a day.. So what is this truth really means on the ground? It means without any doubt and in plain language that the Resistance is advancing towards the decisive victory with resolve and without any backing off.

    4 - Thanks to the expansion and the widening of the Armed Resistance operations, and the growing support of the Iraqi people specially in the wounded southern Iraq, the Occupation has turned to be the US most important internal problem which affected directly and strongly both Democrat and Republican Parties, and has provoked a sharp popular, official, and Media split inside the US.. While there is a good law governing the US that any US war when becoming an internal problem, the main choice will be eventually to withdraw whatever time that might takes.

    5 - Realizing that an organized withdrawal is the least worst choice, the official US has been forced look for plans kept for hard times… attempting to infiltrate the Resistance, to foment division and strife in between the Resistance ranks. These plans' objective is to go ahead with fomenting sectarian loggerheads. Through these sectarian divisions in amongst the resisting ranks, the US expects that the war winds might blow in its favor..

    The attempts we witness today, to foment strife in between the Resistance factions by some suspicious individuals in order to divide the greatest patriotic force popularly and military which is the Baath, through spies who started from Syria and were squashed by the Party cadres and its masses… These are nothing but US attempts to salvage the Occupation from its fatal end which is a complete defeat.

    The last four years events have turned what the US and its collaborators wanted to be a national holiday, into the biggest disaster in the US foreign politics as admitted Madeleine Albright the US former secretary… wrecking the US idiotic dreams, In 2003 this day, the initiative moved from the US hands to the hands of the Iraqi people represented by its Armed Resistance, which continued towards defeating the Occupation and purify the soil of Iraq from the filth of the collaborators US and Iranian servile agents.. Now is there any greater proof than what we said and that the Iraqi Resistance has dug a grave to bury the occupation in Iraq for ever!

    Your great Party, the Arab Baath socialist Party, promises the people of Iraq to go ahead for the liberation of Iraq without restriction nor condition… and to set after the liberation and with the cooperation of all the national forces and the Resistance factions, a patriotic allied and democratic government representing the people of Iraq in all its components… Your Party promises you too to do whatever it can to unite the Resistance forces and guarantee the mobilization of all the energies to expel the occupation to celebrate next year this time victory, the blessed day the Resistance started the 10-11 April God willing!

    Glory and eternity for the martyrs' master, the designer, the starter and the leader of the Iraqi Resistance, the symbol of its courage Saddam Hussein and his hero comrades martyrs, Taha Yassin Ramadhane, Barzane al Tikriti and Awad al Bandar!

    Glory and eternity for the Iraqi Resistance and the Iraqi people's martyrs!

    Long live the Armed Iraqi revolution against the US and Iranian occupations.

    Long live Palestine Arab and free from the river to the sea!

    Shame and dishonor to the US and their collaborators!

    Victory to Arab and united Iraq!

    Iraq Leadership

    The Arab Baath Socialist Party

    April 10th 2007

    Baghdad - Martyr Saddam's Capital City

    * Translated by Abu Assur. al Moharer.net

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    In the name of God the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful

    The Arab Baath Socialist Party

    One Arab Nation, with an eternal mission

    Unity, Freedom, Socialism

    Al Adhamya wall is yet another indicator on the Occupation collapse!

    Despite of the defeat endured by the US -Iranian Occupation of Iraq, thanks to our people's and all its patriotic forces' combat, the Occupation goes ahead with its burnt land policies in a destructive and revengeful behavior through which it turns Iraq into a complete ruin.. Failed were the Occupation and Iran attempt to fuel sectarian loggerhead due to all Iraqis sons and daughters' awareness and their holding on to their national Arab identity and their respect for the other minorities.. Further more the heroic Iraqi Resistance has wrecked Baghdad' security plan before it began even, and transformed it into another impasse and another defeat more horrid and heavier than any of the Occupiers' desperate past plans.. Due to this failure, the US military commanders were replaced and new ones were given added powers to deal with the Revolutionary Iraqi people in an attempt to attain an impossible hope, i.e. weaken the armed Resistance and the Baath.

    Bombing both Baghdad bridges was a logical preparation to put into practice other plans in Iraq… But these plans are known and ill famed outside Iraq and were connected with racist discrimination and apartheid.. These are isolation and separation plans and zones set in between human settlements for racist, military and security reasons, was the case in South Africa, in occupied Palestine and in the Occupation of the Arab land of Ahwaz by Iran. The US occupation has built a wall around heroic Al Adhamya neighborhood in a pretext to protect its inhabitants from the Safawi Iranian attacks, before swallowing its own lie saying that it intends to build another barrier around Al Amyria and other liberated neighborhoods in Baghdad considered as the Resistance popular bases against the Occupation… But very fast and thanks to the high, and deep popular awareness and consciousness, Al Adhamya sons and daughters took to the streets demonstrating against the wall and declaring that this wall is to divide Baghdad along hideous sectarian lines which is the occupation fundamental objective. Further more, all Baghdad sons and daughters, realized after the bloody, criminal, and sectarian cleansing attempt by al Mahdi army fully backed by the US, following Imam Ali al Hadi, peace be upon him, holy shrine bombing, that the main targets are Iraq and its future, its national unity, and its Arab identity, and that dividing Iraq starts with Baghdad. This plot backfired and foiled Al Mahdy army crimes to divide Iraq along sectarian lines due to Baghdad inhabitants Resistance and their holding on their Arabism.

    Today US generals come to accomplish directly what Al Mahdy army started obeying their orders and Iran's, i.e. to build a separation wall in Baghdad along sectarian basis.

    Also we must keep in our mind that this US Iranian step comes in the process of the Occupation defeat and its desperate attempts to salvage its project in Iraq… For this reason we must describe, in details, the complete objectives of this evil plan:

    1 - The fundamental objective for building the wall is to divide Baghdad along sectarian lines and this is precisely one of the most important constitution pillars of the sectarian allotment for Iraq. For after the federation of dividing Iraq into three regional entities- which later will practically become states, comes the attempt to divide the Capital as the supreme symbol for Iraq unity and the center of its patriotic radiance. Unless dividing Baghdad, the unifying symbol of Iraq will remain defiant, mighty and inspiring… therefore Baghdad has to be the first town immolated on the sectarian altar. Had Baghdad dividing succeeded after al Mahdy army crime in 2006, it would have been possible to imagine the fall of all the other Iraqi towns, one after the other, in the division and the civil strife quagmire.

    2 - Baghdad security plan has failed although considered as the US administration last attempt to force some changes into the combat equations in favor of the US… Thus the powers given to the US military command in Iraq allow them to undertake whatever possible to alleviate the weight of their defeat.. The Occupation through accelerating the building of the war, uncovers the Occupation impasse and its collapse, for this construction reminds the world some very bad memories condemned by the western world in particular and the whole world in general which is to build racist and apartheid walls such as:

    a - the separation walls in South Africa.

    b - the Zionist separation wall in occupied Palestine.

    c -the separation walls installed by Iran in occupied al Ahwaz to facilitate. persecuting and forcing its Arab population into Persian paganism. For the US to undertake a project which hurts and affects its reputation in the world, demonstrates that it is fundamentally a military and a security objective, which is to avoid the US collapse through a series of measures to reduce the Resistance attacks and to control the fighters movements. Yes! Indeed! This is exactly what the Occupation has done following the second battle in Falluja, when the US forces encircled the city and provided its inhabitants with identity cards and prevented any other from entering their city. What is expected to day is to enter the names and the photos of all Al Adhamya sons and daughters in computers' lists to perfectly isolate them from other Iraqis as to deal with them militarily and on security bases and prevent any help and rescue from them and then physically liquidating every one of them…Yes! Heroes, sons and daughters of Al Adhamya, this wall is nothing else but the Occupation first step to be in full control of the neighborhood in order to slaughter its inhabitants and get rid of its ability to continue combating the Occupation.

    3 - Succeeding to build a wall in Al Adhamya will encourage the Occupation to build other walls in the liberated areas of Baghdad, such as al Fadhl, Al Amyria, Al Dawra, the University neighborhood, Haifa street and others… to allow the Occupier to be in full security control of Baghdad.. This undoubtedly that the real objective is to salvage Baghdad security plan and transform its failure into a success.

    4 - Success in Baghdad, as the occupation authority announced, will be an introduction to do the same in other regions outside the Capital, for controlling Baghdad is a necessary step to change the occupation defensive position into an attacking one.

    This is the new Occupation plan… These are its grave objectives! Therefore the Iraqi national interest and the future of the armed revolution and the liberation of Iraq are connected with what is going in Baghdad right now.

    Wiping out this plot at its very beginning is an urgent security and patriotic necessity.

    All the combatants and all the Mujahideen from every current and every factions should stand united together to wreck the plan to divide Baghdad with separation walls, which may limit the Armed Resistance and reduce its flexibility to move from one battle front to the other…The Occupation claiming, that it is willing to stop the sectarian killing, however, is a big lie; for the one who planned and undertook sectarian mass murders, fueled sectarian loggerheads, funded death squads which assassinate on identity, is nobody else but the occupier himself and his Iranian murderous partner.

    Here we call upon the United Nations, to immediately intervene to stop the building of this wall and any other, also the Occupation has no right to make any changes in the occupied country. We also call upon the Arab League and the Arab and the World human rights organizations, to raise their voices high against this wall as they did against the Zionist separation wall and the Apartheid in South Africa… We remind that these racist separations are totally against the International human rights declaration and against all the international laws.

    Our Party asserts to the Iraqi and the Arab masses, that wrecking this plan will not be possible but through an armed action backed by political activities such as demonstrations and protests to destroy the wall… Hence our Party is resolved to intensify the military and the political combat against the occupation and against all its illegal projects and plans.. Our Party seizes this opportunity to renew its former calls to establish the best forms of cooperation in between all Iraqi patriots and mainly in between the factions of their armed Resistance, and avoid any thing which might be a reason for division and strife in amongst those who oppose the Occupation.

    A salute to the Al Adhamya heroes, men and women, intrepid youth resisting against the Occupation and safeguarding the Arab character of Iraq!

    A salute to all Baghdad sons and daughters while confronting with rare heroism the modern times' savage Tartars, bloodthirsty US and Safawis!

    A salute to the Arab and Islam noble knights, the heroes of the intrepid national Iraqi armed Resistance!

    Glory and eternity to Iraq and Arab nation martyrs and in particular the Martyrs' master leader Saddam Hussein

    Shame and dishonor to the US and Iran..!

    Long live the combatants’ unity for the liberation of Iraq!

    Iraq Leadership

    The Arab Baath Socialist Party

    Baghdad, Martyr Saddam' capital City

    April 23rd 2007

    * Translated by Abu Assur. al-moharer.net

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